Who is Nielsen?
For more than 50 years, Nielsen has measured what people watch on television, listen to on the radio and buy in stores and online. We are a professional research company and the world’s leading provider of media and marketing information, including the Nielsen TV Ratings.

Nielsen determines top radio and TV programs each week as well as how many people tuned into specific programs, like sporting events. These insights come from Nielsen Families across the United States. We rely on people like you to share your television, radio, online, mobile and shopping habits.

You have the opportunity make your preferences known!

Why am I receiving this?
Your home is unique! You’ve been chosen to share your opinions with Nielsen. Your household, along with a few others in your area, has been specially selected to participate in this important research study.

Does participation cost money?
No. Your participation will never cost you anything and no one will try to sell you anything. In fact, you may receive cash rewards or check rewards for your participation.

How will Nielsen contact me?
We may contact you by mail or our research associates may call you by phone.

How does Nielsen protect my privacy?
We are committed to protecting the personal identifying information you provide us. We will NOT use such information to advertise, promote or sell goods or services directly to you and we do not allow our clients to sell directly to you. We will use the information about you and your household for research purposes, such as creating reports or contacting you to determine whether you are interested in participating in future research studies for which you are eligible.

It’s just between us. Since confidentiality is so important to research, we also ask that you do not discuss your role in Nielsen research with people outside of your household, including people on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter.